Saturday, January 24, 2015

Asian Candy Manga: Should I Text Him?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Book Cover

Here is the new book cover for Diary of a Single Female, Book 1 of the Asian Candy Series.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Discontinuation of the Define Jacket

Update: Lululemon finally brought back the Define jacket, but I am no longer that enthusiastic about it.  I still wear the ones I have.  Big blunder to stop making the Define jackets in the first place.

What I wrote in 2012:

Good thing I discovered the Lululemon Define jacket before they sold out. They are not making any more Lululemon Define Jackets! I bought the Define in white, black and herringbone. Surprisingly, I love the herringbone the most because it is the softest out of the three. The white is soft also. The black, although probably the most slimming, seems to be the tightest fitting and not as stretchy as the others.

I did order two Zella jackets on sale for half the price of one Define jacket because I really liked the pink one on the Nordstrom website. The fit of the Zella jacket is similar to the Define. I don't like that there are no cuffins on the Zella jacket, however, there is a hole in the pocket for your iPhone headphones, something the Lulu jacket does not have. Would I keep the Zella jacket? For the price, most likely because I like the pink color and they probably won't be making any pink Define jackets until they come to their senses.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Asian Candy Facebook Page

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Zella Jackets

I have no control over how Lululemon chooses to design jackets, but I do have control over where I shop.  Therefore, I am taking my money elsewhere.  I bought two of Zella Intersect jackets at Nordtrom and I am loving them!  They are so flattering, nipping in the waist just like the Lululemon Define jacket, but with more comfortable (looser) arms.  The only complaint I have about the Zella jackets is that they don't have cuffins.  But since the Zella jackets were on sale for around $57, I am a very happy customer.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Rainy Day Pants

It's cold and rainy out and it will continue to rain for the next four days. I am so glad I am wearing the Lululemon Dog Runner Pants today. Water rolls right off the top layer of the pants and the inner liner is a pair of stretchy leggings. Kept me dry all day despite heavy rain.

Two weeks later:

I sat on a wet seat and did not realize it until I got up and felt that my butt was sort of wet and cold when I got outside.  This is not completely waterproof. 

Lululemon Helps Me Lose Weight

Lately, I've been obsessed with Lululemon. I had been loving the Groove pants that I read about in New York Magazine that are supposed to make my butt look really globular and hot. Who wouldn't want that, huh? So, I was happily sporting my Lululemon Grooves about town and not really trying to lose weight until my mother called me up and said, "Ni hen pang, yeoaw jian fay." (You are fat, need to lose weight). Now, it is a miracle I am not on more antidepressants with a mother who calls me up to tell me such things. So anyway, I decided I needed to show my mother that I can lose weight, so I started doing the Firm Express and Cathe DVDs that require a lot of jumping. The leggings from Nordstrom that I had been wearing did not feel comfortable during constant jumping I had to do during intense exercise (such as the 8 second bursts). I felt as if my pants were going to fall down. So I ran to Lululemon looking for some stretchy tights with draw string. It started out with one pair of Toasty Run tights. I love how comfy they are but they were too hot for indoor DVD jumping. The nice Lululemon sales person recommended the running crops. I love the crops now because not only do they stay in place, they are cool, with circle mesh (to promote air circulation where you need it most). Well, since I have very athletic legs, in the Lululemon running tights, I imagined I could look like I run, possibly training for a marathon or something. So, of course I had to get some jackets to go with them. I then bought the Define jacket, which nips in my waist and makes me look skinnier.

I have lost around 5 pounds in a week, doing Firm and Cathe DVDs and running to Lululemon to buy more stretch pants. For the record, I am not fat. Because, I can fit into Lululemon, and according to people on this website called MyFitnessPal, if you can fit into Lululemon, you are very, very fit. So there, mama. Just because I am not a skinny Chinese girl does not mean I am fat.